Salford City Swimming and Water Polo Club

Swim England Learn to Swim stages 1 - 10, Waterpolo stages 8 -9


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As most of you are aware, your children are now assessed every 8 weeks in line with the Swim England Learn to Swim Scheme, to see if they can pass the stage they are working towards and move up to the next group. It the clubs target for the majority of children to pass and move to the next group in 16 weeks. As all children learn in different ways and at different speeds, this will depend on the individual child and on whether your child is a regular attender. So, please don’t be disheartened if your own child/children do not move within this time scale. In partnership with also teaching the children the correct strokes and building their stamina over a number of distances. The criteria to be passed in each stage has also been amended slightly and in some cases, is now harder to achieve. The Swim England Learn to Swim Awards are designed to reward children for their development of the essential skills they need to be confident, competent and safe in the water.


Your children can also work towards Waterpolo stages 8,9 & 10 once they are in the large pool but even if they are in the small pool they can stay and take part in the mini-polo at 7,30pm in the shallow end of the large pool.

LTS1-Learn-to-Swim-Award-715px RABU10C-Rainbow-Distance-Butterfly-10m Learn-to-Swim-Swimming-10-WS