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Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Policy  



Collection and use of your information


About us. Salford City Swimming & Water Polo Club is a constituent member of Swim England. Salford City Swimming & Water Polo Club hold the details provided on your membership form with other information it holds or obtains from or about you and will use this for the following purposes: for maintaining records to respond to any enquiries you make to administer any events in which you participate or may wish to participate and to deal with any incidents involving you to create an individual profile for you so that we can understand and respect your preferences to create anonymised aggregated information about members and swimmers to enable us to secure funding and  to contact you about swimming galas and events either by post, email, online or phone.


Recording images.


Salford City Swimming & Water Polo Club uses photography and/or video recordings within the swimming pool setting to be used in the promotion of the club only with the consent of parents or members. The use of recordings and images is prohibited by members or their parents during training sessions or galas unless permissions have be granted beforehand. On occasion by prior committee and parent permission, photography is permitted of a presentation upon poolside. These with owners permission may be used for the purposes of promotion.

Other uses. Where your information may be used for additional purposes, such as medical information, you will be provided with further details of how your information will be used at the relevant time.


Disclosure of your information.


Details of your achievements in events will be included on the British Swimming website(s) and these will be available to the general public. If you do not want your details to be visible in this way you can block them by registering via the Home Country Membership Check webpage and selecting the ‘hide’ option, by ticking the appropriate tick box at the end of this form, or by contacting the ASA Rankings department with your request to hide your details.

Caution If you hide your details they will not be visible on the Rankings Database which may affect your ability to enter events. Event organisers may in these cases require proof of age and/or of eligibility to enter and you should contact the particular organiser to check. Regions, Sub-Regions, County Associations.

Salford City Swimming & Water Polo Club may publish gala details on our website and if you wish to hide this information you should contact us directly.


Data use outside of the EU


If you apply for or take part in an event that takes place outside the European Union, your information will be disclosed to the relevant event organiser(s) in the host nation. These nations may not have laws as stringent as ours to protect your personal data. Images. Images may be disclosed to those Regions, Sub-Regions, County Associations and Clubs for which you are a member for swimmer selection purposes. They may also be disclosed to the media for promoting swimming and the reporting of events. As constituent members of British Swimming will be able to view your information for swimming administration purposes only. Doping Control.

If you enter swimming competitions, you may be subject to doping control as part of Swim England commitment to a drug free sport. At the time of sample collection, your personal data will be collected by UK Sport which undertakes the testing and administers the programme. You should see the data protection notice for UK Sport for details of how your information will be used


Signed Gina Norman

Club Secretary

Reviewed June 12 2020

To be reviewed 2023